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Crown & bridges

If you have any gaps or spaces in your smile, dental crowns and bridges in Edmonton from Sharshar Dental Group may be the perfect solution. We offer affordable tooth bridges and crowns that can restore smiles in Edmonton.
Dental Crowns in Sharshar Dental Group

Tooth crowns in Sharshar Dental Group restore severely discoloured, misshapen, or worn down teeth. A crown can also restore the strength and shape of a tooth, cover a dental implant, or hold a dental bridge in place. We offer many different types of dental crowns, including metal, porcelain, resin, and ceramic.

Dental Bridges in Sharshar Dental Group
If you have gaps in your smile, tooth bridges in Sharshar Dental Group can help restore your smile. While dental crowns are placed over worn, cracked, and broken teeth, dental bridges in Sharshar Dental fill spaces with missing teeth to restore the natural form, structure, and function of your mouth.
For patients looking to fill in any gaps in their smile, but without the bone strength to support a dental implant, a dental bridge is a viable alternative to a dental implant. Dental bridges are made up of two dental crowns with a false tooth in the center. Before fitting your dental bridge, your dentist will affix dental crowns to the teeth that surround the gap. Your replacement tooth is held in place with the dental crowns to effectively bridge the empty space in your mouth.

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